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Founder Zainab Jaye spent much of her upbringing travelling back and forth from the UK to her parents country The Gambia. 


Anyone who has experienced Africa will see how boldly its culture and history is expressed in its textiles, music and arts and crafts. This exposure left Zainab with a deep appreciation and understanding for the way clothing can be used as a form of self expression and story telling..


In 2018 Zainab began working with family and locals back home in The Gambia to create a range of High Quality Yoga & Active wear that reflected the vibrancy and spirituality of Africa.

We trade and work collaboratively and fairly with designers and creators in The Gambia. Most are family members and neighbours who have contributed to Kemetic Collective prints but we hope to expand this to create more ongoing jobs in The Gambia.


Our longterm goal is to bring 100% of the production and manufacturing to the African continent we know that this would help to boost economy in communities with limited financial opportunity. 

Our mailing packaging is made from 100% biodegradable plastic. This means it is compostable and will be broken down and disentegrated by bacteria when thrown away.

Kemetic Collective Biodegradable Mailing

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