Active Wear Can Be Comfortable, Stylish, and Bold.

Womens activewear does not have to be simple plain yoga pants. You can choose from bold activewear pieces that are essentially pieces of art sourced all the way from Gambia, Africa. The fashion pieces available at Kemetic Collective have meaning, are inspired by the land and colors of the culture in the area they are sourced and are extremely comfortable and wearable in any workout. Do not allow yourself to be confined to uncomfortable and unflattering pants, shorts, or slacks anymore. Go about your day in flexible comfort and quality fashion.

Fashion is changing with active wear for women. This is a movement in the right direction as far as most are concerned. Gone are the days when a woman had to wear skirts, dresses, and shoes that may look great but offer limits as to what a woman can do physically. A few generations ago it was scandalous for a woman to wear jeans, even if doing an activity that required flexibility. Now a woman has options that allow maximum movement, flexibility, and action without compromising style. With active wear a woman can still feel attractive, and even sexy while going about the business of living an active lifestyle. From hiking trails, to bending for Yoga poses, to weight lifting, to chasing around active children and cleaning the house, no matter what the day holds there is an appropriate and stylish piece of active wear so women across the world can feel and look great as they take charge and get things done. Browse the ever-changing inventory at Kemetic Collective and find the prints that suit you best then increase your activity through the week because you will be so comfortable you feel like a teenager again.