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  • Gambia Fashion Weekend 2019

    Thank you to Gambia Fashion Weekend for having us at the Market Place. A wonderful evening to connect with creatives from all over Africa and the Diaspora. So much talent in one place. A huge variety of beautiful items where for sale using local prints, styles and ingredients in beauty products and foods. We particularly enjoyed @fatoumatanjiedukureh organic and locally made teas. Especially 'The Female Tea'' which helps support womanly functions. Watch out for us at next years market place in The Gambia!


    Thank you to absolutely everyone who shopped with us at #omyogashowlondon We are pleased to say that hundreds of #yogis will now be sharing their practice with #kemeticcollective active wear. We are so pleased you loved the quality and the connection to Africa.

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  • Active Wear | New Barnet ENG | Kemetic Collective

    ACTIVE WEAR Active Wear Can Be Comfortable, Stylish, and Bold. Womens activewear does not have to be simple plain yoga pants. You can choose from bold activewear pieces that are essentially pieces of art sourced all the way from Gambia, Africa. The fashion pieces available at Kemetic Collective have meaning, are inspired by the land and colors of the culture in the area they are sourced and are extremely comfortable and wearable in any workout. Do not allow yourself to be confined to uncomfortable and unflattering pants, shorts, or slacks anymore. Go about your day in flexible comfort and quality fashion. ​ Fashion is changing with active wear for women. This is a movement in the right direction as far as most are concerned. Gone are the days when a woman had to wear skirts, dresses, and shoes that may look great but offer limits as to what a woman can do physically. A few generations ago it was scandalous for a woman to wear jeans, even if doing an activity that required flexibility. Now a woman has options that allow maximum movement, flexibility, and action without compromising style. With active wear a woman can still feel attractive, and even sexy while going about the business of living an active lifestyle. From hiking trails, to bending for Yoga poses, to weight lifting, to chasing around active children and cleaning the house, no matter what the day holds there is an appropriate and stylish piece of active wear so women across the world can feel and look great as they take charge and get things done. Browse the ever-changing inventory at Kemetic Collective and find the prints that suit you best then increase your activity through the week because you will be so comfortable you feel like a teenager again.

  • High Waisted Leggings | New Barnet ENG | Kemetic Collective

    HIGH WAISTED LEGGINGS Comfortable High Waisted Leggings Are in Stock at Kemetic Collective. Are you on the hunt for high waisted leggings and other quality fitness wear? You will find a wide variety of quality pieces in stock at Kemetic Collective. Their offerings are made with traditional African colors, authentic African design, and ancient and traditional printing methods. You can feel comfortable and connected with the world in these pants. ​ Many women choose high waisted leggings to work out in because they offer an elevated level of comfort. High waisted yoga pants offer more coverage than other options so you can rock the gym in trendy crop tops or even just your sports bra without showing more skin than you are comfortable with. They have a slimming effect because of the cut, and many women report feeling so comfortable and attractive in them that they wear them everywhere! High waisted leggings allow women to reach deep yoga poses, bend any way needed, and move freely without having to put much thought into what may be hanging out or bulging. These pants come in all the same design options as regular yoga pants, but they offer a more flattering cut and an increased range of motion for the most active women. ​ Browse the selection of yoga pants and fitness wear at Kemetic Collective so you can move freely and feel great at your next workout session. Check back on their website to find new prints and designs regularly. You can wear these pants for indoor or outdoor workouts, and feel confident that you won't be too sheer, show sweat spots, or reveal too much. You will only stand out in a good way when you invest in quality yoga pants that reflect your personality and style in the design.

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